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"any client....will benefit immensely"

"great insight & empathy"


Shirley Maybey - Clinical Psychotherapist

"As a therapist for over 20 years I was extremely impressed by Fiona MacLeod when we met on training and supervision sessions.

She has a unique approach to her clients, showing great insight and empathy. In therapy it is so important for the client to feel relaxed in a trusting and positive environment. This is evident in Fiona's sessions.

Many excellent therapists will use a specific model of approach, but I found that Fiona's eclectic model of therapy has a deeper and more effective way for the client to eventually reach their own understanding of their problem and fulfil their own potential.

I recommend her highly and feel sure that any client who accesses Fiona's Services will benefit immensely. "

"high level of professionalism mixed with

warm-hearted kindness and patience"


Sara Kernohan - Homeopath

"As an alternative healthcare professional I’m very careful from whom I seek personal help. Under a considerable amount of pressure, I knew I couldn’t change the situations I was in. Fiona enabled me to see my life in a more manageable way. I learned how to change my approach to life which was very difficult at times.

I felt totally safe and calm in my sessions with Fiona. I learned good life skills, not least self-love and acceptance. Whilst circumstances remained challenging, I found myself able to put in place better coping strategies and my feelings around the situations became much easier to deal with. I was amazed at how straight-forward and effective Fiona’s approach was.

I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona to anyone who expects a high level of professionalism mixed with warm-hearted kindness and patience. I’m so grateful to her for helping me through a really difficult time."

"exceptional ability to empower clients"

superb at what she does"



"Working with Fiona is a life changing experience.

Her guidance and teachings are clear, concise, intuitive and indeed radically transformative. She is one of the gentlest human beings I have ever met and I would recommend her highly.

Life will constantly surprise, challenge and question you, it can be overwhelming. Fiona’s guidance has been invaluable in navigating many such moments.

She has helped me to see and believe in my own strengths and abilities, and begin expressing these qualities in my day-to-day life.

Fiona is exceptional in so many ways, but perhaps her greatest strength is her exceptional ability to empower her clients.

I should express that this is a two way process. Undeniably Fiona’s sessions are concise, gentle, penetrative and transformative, but I needed to truly want change and to live that in my day-to-day life.

I am so very grateful to Fiona. She is superb at what she does. "

"most amazing intuitive & technical professional"

"blew me away"


Victoria Payne - Manager, Business Support

"Most amazing intuitive and technical professional I have ever met. Her ability to be able to interpret and understand what technique and approach to use was stunning.

Each visit was different, but Fiona blew me away by accurately addressing my needs and has profoundly helped me with my issues and now I entirely view my whole life for the better."

"helped me trust my own instiincts"

"life more manageable & fulfilling"


Christie Mountford - Property Developer & Entrepreneur

"I approached Fiona as I had lost my faith in others and confidence in myself.

She taught me to be my own best friend and to be kind to myself. This helped me to trust my own instincts and ultimately to trust and love others.

I learnt a lot from Fiona about slowing down, breathing deeply and remaining calm in all situations. Life has been much more manageable and fulfilling since meeting her.

I would recommend Fiona to anyone who needs to rediscover a love of life."

"extraordinary teachings"

"fiona guides & uplifts with integrity"


Karen Nichols - Writer, Singer & Sound Healer

"I recall that on that day, mired in confusion, and full to bursting, I found myself grateful for Fiona's ability to listen deeply to my ranting and gushing, while simply and profoundly holding space for me. I was never made to feel rushed or insignificant. Her abundant patience guided and supported me and I felt safe enough to finally inch toward that opening I was longing for.

The "office"... a nurturing cocoon of a healing space, wrapped me in a much needed softness. Which rather mirrors her work, I think. Fiona's work emerges from the well of the divine feminine...not the ruffly froufrou kind, but the solid, ancient kind...the pure kind, one of guiding goodness...where soft wisdoms, deep acceptance, and non-judgement flow freely and can help with the sorting required.

Remembering my time with Fiona, an image came to mind. I saw myself entering a sun dappled woodland. It was as if Fiona... her heart... and her beautiful wisdom were the trees. Knowing Fiona...(and here it is difficult to separate her from her work, because a long time ago she chose to walk her path with humility and courage, and in a way, she is her work), knowing Fiona is like taking a walk in the woods.

There the trees hold a space. They listen. And sometimes, when the wind visits, they speak. And when the path walker, the searcher, emerges into the clearing, he or she feels clearer, lighter, more peaceful.

Through deep listening, profound caring, and the gentlest of wisdom weavings, Fiona guides and uplifts with integrity. I am profoundly grateful for having found my way to her extraordinary teachings."

"in a few sessions she helped me to unravel emotional issues which had troubled me for years"



"I came to see Fiona at a time of huge crisis in my life, when everything seemed to be falling apart and I knew I was failing to cope. In a few sessions she helped me to unravel emotional issues which had troubled me for years.

My problems haven't gone away but I feel more in control of my response to them, and my life has found balance again."

"i have no hesitation in highly recommending

fiona to anyone"




"The nature of my issue was not straightforward, and so many different things arose over a period of time.


But Fiona always knew how to talk to me, always knew which road to walk down with me, always made it feel safe to express myself fully.


I have no hesitation in highly recommending Fiona to anyone."

"with fiona the energy is so much higher & faster"

"journey of self-discovery"


Private - Complimentary Therapist

"I first started seeing Fiona for some practical support but began a journey of self-discovery. I had already started to recognise my spiritual side some years previously but difficulties in my life had pushed it away and I wanted to explore more than just the practical side of my life. Our sessions transformed and I grew with them.

I discovered myself on an energetic level and really started to see the bigger picture at play around me. I meditate at home and use visualisations but I have noticed that when I work with Fiona, the energy is so much higher and faster.

During our sessions I seem to have a clarity I don’t have on my own and the opportunity to discuss and develop further understanding of my spiritual learnings has been priceless. Just to feel safe to explore this new world and make sense of what I am feeling has changed my life.

My sessions with Fiona are the catalyst for further spiritual learning on my own. Sometimes I leave my sessions with Fiona bubbling with all that has happened and then I instantly forget! What seems odd though, is that my subconscious hasn’t. I record my dreams and continue to meditate at home and notice further connections with my Fiona sessions coming to light. Events happen at just the right time for me to recall and learn from, often just before the next session.

Having started with fundamental and practical problem solving and now seem to have really changed and grown into exploring so much more about myself, how I handle situations and people and how I see the world around me. Without Fiona making me feel so safe and unjudged I don’t think I could be doing this work and something would be missing."

"really took the steam out of our family's problems"

"immensely healing"


Private - Father


"We visited Fiona as a family for a couple of sessions to find a way forward with some difficulties. I am not comfortable with any form of counselling or discussing emotions, but was convinced by my wife that we all needed someone to act as a “referee”.


I’m so glad we found Fiona. I found she put me at my ease very quickly and whilst we had to discuss some sensitive subjects I knew that I could talk without being interrupted and that my feelings would be heard.


I was impressed with how calm Fiona kept the session and with her ability to keep each family member feeling as though they had time to speak and be heard. By the end of our sessions, we had a sensible agreement in place and we followed up a couple of times to ensure that the plan was being adhered to and any adjustments were appropriate.


Fiona really took the steam out of our family's problems and helped both my wife and I feel supported and heading in the right direction. We know that our son, although not entirely happy with the plan put in place by us, also felt that his requirements had been seriously considered and a proper compromise met.


As a result of these meetings we found our way through a difficult time for our family. I also discovered that it’s not quite so terrifying to be honest about how I feel and that simply being heard and respected is immensely healing.

"after just one session i found i was able to

start to come to terms with my loss"



"After having just one session I found I was able to start to come to terms with my loss.

It has helped me to deal with it one step at a time without the trauma and shock, and without the overwhelming grief and pain I felt at the start."

"i experienced a profound healing"




"I experienced a profound healing.


Thank you so much!

"a very talented woman"

"inumberable innate talents"


Private - Singer Songwriter; Actor & Performer

"I have worked with Fiona for a number of years and have found her to be brimming with innumerable innate talents to support in every circumstance.

She is a talented and intuitive listener, with an innate sense of the right words to encourage the creative flow. I’ve experienced this first hand as a songwriter, actor and performer, but also as a witness to scenarios when other musicians and creators have benefitted from her calm, insightful guidance.

My journey as a performer has been a constant evolution. Fiona has played an important role, aiding me with many emotions and fears that surrounded the anticipation, and execution of performance.

She has an incisive and delicate ability to open doors, whilst allowing the individual the space and time to step through of their own accord: a very talented woman.

Fiona’s excellent and unique input has allowed me to unpeel the layers and blockages that sometimes stand in the way of my truest expression. I feel that, where once I hid behind an invisible veil, I now stand proud to be the person and creator that I am, expressing with honesty.

I would recommend her with all my heart. "

"i would recommend her without reservation"

"patient & reassuring"



"Fiona is very patient and reassuring to work with. She has taught me several valuable techniques in managing my anxiety/panic attacks and challenging negative thoughts and avoidance behaviour.

I would recommend her without reservation to others who have similar problems that they want to overcome."

"i love the buzz & light she gives off"


Private - Therapist


"She made quite an impact on me which has been further compounded by reading her beautiful website.


I love the buzz and light she gives off!


Fiona has got a wonderful uniqueness about her and her outlook to her fellow human."

"I am truly humbled by the words of these testimonials,

just a handful of the beautiful messages I've received over the years.

May I offer a deep bow of gratitude to everyone I've had the honour to guide.

Thank you for your trust, your honesty and your committment.

It has been an absolute privilege to serve you all."