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Fiona's life is dedicated to seeing, revealing and living the truth of the nature of being - that is the true power of love.


This dedication directs her work, focusing on the celebration, liberation, empowerment and authentic revelation of every unique being.


Her grounded and often humorous style allows you to relax and soak in the love that she radiates, providing an opportunity for deep revelation, relief, resolution and healing.



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‘It’s just human nature’ - a frequent response to the mildly or intensely unpleasant behaviours of human kind. These words set a fire in Fiona, even at an early age.


The suggestion that human nature is made up of the expression of all the most unpleasant qualities possible never felt true to her. Even when some of those most unpleasant qualities were very specifically sent in her direction.


"Somehow, this fire inspired an intensely sensitive, sickly, terrified little person, overwhelmed with the emotions of others, to survive a life that felt like a bizarre and often devastating series of events.


And, having survived, I can honestly say that, bizarrely devastating or not, life brought me beautifully here.


Life honed and released, unravelled and revealed, so the deep truth I already knew could be fully embodied, lived out and shared for the well-being of all.


We are all united in our One True Nature, and our One True Nature is love."




"I was born 'hyper sensitive' and seemingly instantly excited then devastated by everything and everyone. I realised in later life that I was always inundated and overwhelmed with the emotions and issues I sensed in others.


At the same time, I was able to sense and see the truth of their nature, even though they couldn't live it. So I assumed I was the cause and tried to fix things - situations, myself or others.


I experienced my acute empathy and intuition as a multi-sensory nightmare to be honest - physically, emotionally and energetically. I wore disappointment, despair, depression and denial like heavy old coats that I shrugged off intermittenty for an enthusiastic spin on the 'merry-go-round' of life.


And in dizzying cycles I'd cherry pick aspects of religion and spirituality as far as they seemed to have anything to do with love.


I survived, but never thrived. Yet underlying everything there was a gently dozing deep faith in something.


Eventually, in life threateningly poor health, I sought traditional and complementary support for body, mind and spirit. Whatever supported me at the time, from psychotherapies to esoteric methods, I obtained the professional qualifications to practice.


Initially I worked with myself, then with friends and ultimately clients as my health improved. The work was really effective, but it could only take me and my clients so far. To my deeper sensibilities it felt like playing cards - shuffling through what seemed like a stacked deck to bring an apparently preferable suit to the surface. Until the next round.


In my therapy practice I saw an underlying resignation to the ‘awfulness of human nature’, often wordlessly running like a virus behind the eyes of even the most optimistic clients.


I knew the truth of our nature, knew that love was the answer to any question, yet felt stuck and limited, personally and professionally. It was like having the most unimaginably brilliant flying car, unable to find the keys.


So I gradually honed, evolved and ultimately dissolved my training, as I fully embraced and highly attuned my life long, acutely experienced empathy and intuition.


In the process, I integrated the most deeply liberating truth I already knew, but now it was fully embodied, grounded, practical, straightforwardly simple and incredibly potent.


The deep truth – our One True Nature is love.


The truth of love and the nature of humanity continues to be revealed in daily mind blowing doses as I stand as love in the every dayness of life, with all its twists and unexpected turns. It supercharges my work in ways that continue to surprise me.


It is my absolute honour to offer that love in a potent, energetically charged and practical package for the well-being, liberation and upliftment of all.


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